"Who knew Seattle was such a slut? check out the LUST tour!"



Some say the only grind-house left on First Avenue in Seattle is Starbucks. Not true, there are a few reminders of Seattle's sinful past right at First and Pike, you have to know where to look. Expert guides expose the dirty history of Seattle and 'Flesh Avenue' on this 75 minute walking tour.


To listen to a bit of the tour: KUOW


About the Tour


Stories of early Madames are the juicy bits of many Seattle tours. The Seattle Lust Tour goes beyond those early years and looks at how sexuality has defined this city through wealth and corruption and into the political movements of the 1970s. Participants are escorted along “Flesh Avenue” (First Avenue) and entertained with the history of Seattle’s “lustier” side.  What today are condominiums and restaurants was once a thriving community of flesh in one form or another: on display in the peep shows, porn theaters, and available on the streets as well. Very little of Seattle’s “Flesh Avenue” exists today however, Seattle will appear entirely different after taking this tour. Over 21 with ID.

The Seattle Lust Tour is produced by the popular Market Ghost Tours in Pike Place Market. It has been offered for the past three years. The content of the tours has been gathered from newspaper articles, books, crime reports, and personal experiences. The tour travels through the Pike Place Market at night and along Flesh Avenue.