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Global Sex TrAdE



Tackling a subject like the history of prostitution in Seattle requires also looking at the current state of prostitution globally. As our world gets smaller, environmental and economic impacts have only increased the trafficking in women and children that has been a horrific part of history.

Written in 2000 by Onnie Wilson, "Today, this trade in women’s bodies is a global business grossing over six billion dollars annually for the traffickers, and growing fast. The UN estimates that about four million women are being trafficked as sex slaves. Some 50,000 women are brought into the US every year, predominantly from the Ukraine, Albania, the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico and Nigeria. Women from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Colombia and Vietnam are used in Australian brothels, legal and illegal. Traffickers sell the women into the prostitution network for $4000 - 5000 for short-term contracted work. The women are then forced to pay off the fee for their "owners" by free "servicing" of up to 500 men, in 12-plus hour shifts, seven days a week, before earning a low fee for sexual services.", in an article found on www.prostitutionresearch.com

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