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A house of lewdness or ill fame; a house frequented by prostitutes; a bawdyhouse.


A house of prostitution.


Dictionary definition of crib means a place where one lies down, a crib-house was a one of the worst houses where women and children were kept confined to one small room and a bed.

House of Ill Repute


Cat House

A house of prostitution.

Parlour Houses

Higher end brothels, where sexual acts were not always available but the company of attractive and smart women was purchased.


Dance Halls


Manager of a prostitute, often taking all profits and enforcing his power through abuse or drugs.


A female owner of a brothel or hotel, manager of the women offered. There is no reason to believe that working for a Madame was not as much a form of enslavement as working for a pimp. In some cases women were sold into houses and they lived in a form of slavery to the house, forever having to pay for her room and board, clothing and food at inflated prices that insured her debt to the Madame.


A person who pays for sexual acts.


A loose or promiscuous woman.


South of Yesler, Seattle's red light district.

Flesh Avenue

1st Avenue, Seattle.

Cafe la Mama

A term from the 1970's for women's breasts.


Meeting place in Chinook Jargon. The name of John Pinnell's brothel on 1st and Yesler.

Sawdust Girl

A woman who worked at the Illahee.


A trade that men and women are employed in for which they exchange money for sexual acts. Notice that I did not say "make money", as it is not always true that men and women performing the acts receive the money.


A Person, more often a woman, who receives profit from sexual service, one who lives partly or wholly on prostitution.(I have a problem with this definition as the prostitute, in the end, does not always receive the money. In brothels there was a coin that was issued to a john that had a monetary value. He would purchase these coins and use them as payment to a prostitute, insuring that she was not the one to receive cash. She was paid by the house.)


A prostitute, vagrant or person regarded as promiscuous.

Some of the definitions acquired here came from the on-line dictionary SEX LEXIS