"Who knew Seattle was such a slut? check out the LUST tour!"



"My wife and I and also a friend went on the Halloween night Lust tour. The tour guide was awesome. He made it fun and interesting (not to mention we got flashed by a man in a trench coat while he was telling us about the donut shop) and he made time to answer all the questions we had. Would definitely recommend the tour and would recommend the tour guide as well." -  Jeremy 

Below is a picture of 1st Avenue in 1975 between Union and Pike. Beyond the Wonder Inn, you can see "Open All-Nite"; a sign belonging to the Green Parrot Theater. Today this is the South Arcade to the Market with an entrance to the Pike Brewery half way down the block. 

Courtesy of the Seattle Municipal Archives, Image # 35976

The Green Parrot was one of the most well known adult theaters on First Avenue. 

You might notice that this view of First Avenue is the same one that is used to advertise the film, Cinderella Liberty.



"Did you know Seattle used to be quite the slut back in the day? 

I sure had no idea! This 75 minute tour took us all around the original "Sin City" of the Emerald City: Pike Place Market. Our tour guide was very entertaining with her oral--er, I mean--stories of what went down around the market ranging from the brothels and peep show businesses to sex scams that happened right where Hard Rock Cafe now stands. After this amusing tour, I personally cannot look at the Starbucks logo the same way as before. It was also interesting to learn how the schools in Seattle got their funding in the first place too...I won't exactly say how but I'm sure you might have an idea. 

 It's a fun tour to go on with a threesome or more for the hell of it. Make sure you have a few drinks before you go, it'll get you in the mood."


Fifty Shades of Grey all inclusive

Tourism just got a whole lot more interesting in Seattle. A luxury hotel is offering all inclusive packages for people interested in reenacting scenes from the erotic novel, Fifty Shades of Grey. Read more at examiner.com 

From the post: "Hotel Max, has officially begun providing guests with the opportunity to try out a “50 Shades of Seattle” vacation package. This stay package will allow guests to enjoy a suite specifically prepared to reenact the “Fifty Shades” experience from the original James novel.

The early reports state that there is a minimum of two nights needed in the package. Guests will be able to enjoy a “King of Artists” double room, a car with chauffeur for the evening, as well as a sailing event in Puget Sound. A quality picnic and Christian Grey’s favorite champagne will also be included."