"Who knew Seattle was such a slut? check out the LUST tour!"



Seattle ranks third in the country for horniness

From the seattle pi big blog today. 

"The things people call Seattleites. Sheesh.

DepressedBookish. Horny.

Oh, you want to know more about that last one, do you? You can thank the Daily Beast for that label.

The site named Seattle the third horniest city in the nation, right after Atlanta (No. 2) and Austin (horndog supreme at No. 1)." keep reading



Pole Dancing, an Olympic sport, you bet!


Ellen Forney's Lust - illustrated personals

One of the unique aspects of Seattle's personals are the illustrations that Ellen Forney creates for The Stranger. Her kinky illustrated personals are collected in the book, Lust. It is available through Fantagraphics Books in Georgetown. If you have the opportunity to travel south to Georgetown it is well worth a visit to this great bookstore. If you can't make it there and want a taste of what Seattle's illustrated personals have looked like over the years, you can order Lust online through the website : www.fantagraphics.com