"Who knew Seattle was such a slut? check out the LUST tour!"



Seattle Metropolitan Magazine


In February, the Seattle Met, showcased Love and Lust in Seattle. They had some great stories, including early tales and recent ones.

The Seattle Lust Tour was mentioned in their blog entry: A Red Light History of Seattle

"May 2007 Seattle’s tradition of innovation in vice continues, in more wholesome form. Mercedes Yaeger, the daughter of Pike Place Market artist/merchants and creator of the popular Market Ghost Tours, launches a Seattle Lust Tour, apparently the first tour anywhere guiding tourists and locals to historic sites of vice and debauchery."

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Lusty Lady to close

The virtual world constantly impacts the real world, and vice versa. Such is the case on First Avenue. The Lusty Lady announced that it will be closing in the next two months. The reason for their closing, according to the general manager, is a mix of the internet, local development, and lack of parking. While tall buildings grew all around it and hotels, condos, and high end shops moved in, the Lusty Lady was the last vestige of Seattle's Flesh Avenue. It will be difficult to do this tour without it. The air rights above the building were sold so the building itself will stay put, but the marquee?  "Debra Seaver, the Lusty Lady's General Manager since 1989, says the Marquee will be coming down when the business closes." according to King5

Dan Hitchcock Mural, picture from the Seattle TimesA few years ago a coffee shop moved in to the loan shop that Jimmi Hendrix bought his first guitar at. The property owners, Harbor Properties, painted over the enormous mural of Jimmi's face that was above the shop. I believe that was a piece of art that should not have been removed, an urban tribute to the history of Seattle. These buildings, their uses, and the history that exists in them if not sustainable now should be preserved in some way.

Seattle has changed so much since I was a young girl. Downtown looks nothing like what it used to in the late 1970s and early 80s. Yet there still are reminders here and there, like a stout old building sandwiched between two giant erections : the Harbor Steps on one side and the Four Seasons Hotel on the other.



Review from 2009

"Tonight, I went on the Seattle Lust Tour. I recommend it! It's only been running for three weekends now and provides a fun account of Seattle's torrid history. We stopped for a drink at The Triple Door midway through and then continued on to the Lusty Lady for optional peep shows, quarter provided by the guide if desired; I desired." - found on Kelly's blog (she attended the tour in 2009)

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